Ballarat Pain Relief and Massage

A unique healing experience

Ballarat Pain Relief and Massage 

Peter at "Ballarat Pain Relief and Massage" has, over many years of focussing on treating  pain, developed a unique way of working through the body.  He has an intuitive hands-on treatment style which is extremely effective for relieving pain. jj


Pricing : half hour - 50 dollars

              full hour - 90 dollars

Home visits are sometimes more convenient and are available for just 10 dollars extra. 

Pricesou will enjoy the massage, of course, but Peter's real strength is in his ability to relieve pain all over the body.

No-one can teach how to read your way through the human body.  A therapist develops through experience.  You must have listening hands.  

Peter Olsen


- low back pain and Sciatica

- sacro-iliac pain/pelvic pain

- muscle and joint pain

- tendonitis

- shoulder pain

- tennis elbow

- rib/scapula pain

- headaches

- neck pain


Peter has a special interest in treating sacroiliac pain


5a Rowlands street, Sebastopol

Call - 0423 656 977


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